Gaudi-town (Barcelona)

My translation: I think in my manner of work, there are large similarities to Gaudi

That guy sure knows how to work a city. Never before have I been to a city and seen so many tourist sights dedicated to the works of one man. Perhaps there are a lot more, but Barcelona is definitely in the running for that competition. In the span of two weeks, I visited Barcelona twice and I don’t think I re-saw all that much. It’s quite a happening city with such a different flavor from Madrid. So right, as I mentioned before, I am starting to get into Miro. Did you know he was tight with Gaudi? I’m including this picture to the left, although you should know that I actually took this in the Miró museum in Mallorca, not the one in Barcelona. Yes, I visited both and yes, it was worth it.

Let’s break suspension of disbelief for a moment so I can tell you that currently, while I am writing this post, I have gone on all my trips. (So basically the next two posts to come have already happened as well.) Don’t judge me! Okay anyways, I’m happy to report that Barcelona was by far the best location for people watching. Both times that I went, the crowd was very diverse and everyone had Barcelona fever! …I just made the phrase up but I definitely think it’s a thing. See below.


Yeah. It happened. We are going to stop talking about Barcelona (it’s reputation proceeds itself) and start talking about labyrinths. Well my only experience with labyrinths until now consisted of watching Pan’s Labyrinth and reading the Goblet of Fire. In Barcelona, the Labyrinth of Horta is just north of the city center and easily accessible via metro. Though small, this labyrinth is so exciting to wander (or run at fast speeds) through. Sometimes you go in circles or end up at dead ends and at some point you’ll run into the center. Surrounded by a beautiful park, it’s a great place to let your imagination run wild and interact with tourists and fun-loving Spaniards.

So because I love labyrinths, I did a little research and this is what I learned. The earliest records of labyrinths were from the stories of the Minotaur in Greek mythology. Since then labyrinths have become popular symbols in different cultures and spirituality. Find a labyrinth near you and let me know how your labyrinth experience goes!

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