Fish ate my feet!

It really happened! Have you heard of a fish spa? That’s definitely not a thing around Boston (that I know of) or San Diego. When I visited Mallorca though, it definitely was. I have very ticklish feet so the process was a bit difficult to get used to, but I still recommend trying it out. It feels extra weird but these little fishies sure know how to suck the dead skin off your epidermis.

Well, besides this, Mallorca helped me realize my life dream of living on my own island. Should be pretty easy to accomplish given that I want to make money as a journalist! …. :/ maybe I’ll just settle for visiting Mallorca every now and then. The few days that I spent in the serene city of Palma were some of my favorites! Just me, the beautiful beaches and some cool Arab baths. Now I’ll bet some tennis fans are wondering: Did I meet Nadal? Unfortunately, I did not. I think he’s somewhere in Florida currently. My father was pretty set about visiting his hometown, just a car ride away from Palma. Although we did not get to, I’m sure we’d probably have better luck finding him at some tennis match in the US anyways.

Before leaving, there’s one thing you must do. Visit Fundació Pilar i Juan Miró. So you should probably know that I care the LEAST for art. (Unless you’re counting performing arts.) But anyways, it’s not like I don’t like it, I am just quite apathetic to it. Museums are usually a pretty boring experience. That said, this place is so cool! Miró moved to Mallorca after Franco began his reign on a self-exile. (It might be the ties to a cool historically significant event that draws me to his art?) Well look around his exhibit if you’re interested and if not, no worries. His house is situated on top of a large hill (that I walked up and it was tiring) and the view of the ocean is incredible.

So bottom line, if you ever visit Mallorca, buy some pearls, swim in the ocean and find me Nadal.

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