Frites Forever

Store of Tintin awesomeness.

Belgium is wonderful. A definite second to Amsterdam (this is under the assumption that Spain isn’t in this contest, otherwise Spain would win hands down.) My trip was filled with museum visits and fried foods. I am definitely a big fan of frites, although I failed and never took any pictures of them. Luckily, I visited the Frite museum in Bruges and got a few pics there.

Things I didn’t know about Belgium:

Hergé (creator of Tintin) was from Brussels and as a result, there entire store dedicated to Tintin as well as a large section in the Comic Strip museum.

Frites are actually really good and very different from normal potato fries. Who knew? I keep assuming that all these things people say about Europe (i.e. their obsession with coffee over here) is just a bunch of jibberjabber. I have been living a lie. Europe totally has better coffee and yummier frites.

Owners of chocolatiers in Bruges are very rude. My friend and I visited two and were treated poorly at both. Still though, we bought chocolate because who’m I kidding? No matter how rude someone acts, if they make chocolate as good as Dumon does, I will buy it.

If you ever make it to Brussels, definitely take that day trip to Bruges. It’s very worth it. Only 14 euro roundtrip, Bruges is a different world. A vibrant city during the 1600s, Bruges was abandoned about 200 years later but at the beginning of the 1900s, it was revived by tourism. And no wonder! I’m sure people happened across this picturesque little city and then just kept coming back. It’s like stepping into an old fairy tale. Visit the lace shops where older women still work to make delicate lace doilies and table clothes or walk along the small canals and appreciate the architecture.

Back to Brussels: Visit the Natural History museum. The biggest dinosaur collection in Europe. Hm..let me repeat. The BIGGEST dinosaur collection in Europe. Enough said? I hope so and if not, I’ll judge you. It was educational, awesome and impressive all at the same time. Although I museum hopped all over the place, I’d suggest really thinking before museum-ing. There are just so many and it gets tiring walking from one to the next, hoping to see everything. If you have more time, by all means, visit away! Otherwise, think carefully about what museums you find most interesting and just spend the rest of the time exploring Brussels. It’s an interesting city with an interesting mix of architecture, language and cuisine. Almost overwhelming, in fact.

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