Calle de Fuencarral

From the first week that I arrived, I have been exploring Madrid like it’s my job. Partway through my adventures, I started noticing a pattern. It always goes back to Fuencarral. This street winds through three happening neighborhoods and ends near the center of the city. So, I decided to walk down the entire street beginning to end and see what I see.


Our walk starts here.

My first stop was at Llaollao. I was a bit hungry and nothing gets me going like some good ole frozen yogurt. Mmm. The inside is decorated with tons of fun colors and an eclectic mix of music always plays in the background. What I like most about Llaollao is their wide variety of yogurt options. Not feeling the usual tart with some toppings? Well, you can also try a smoothie or hot chocolate (yes, hot.) with froyo swirled into it. Note: Don’t expect your usual hot chocolate. They drink it thick over here.

Alright, well now for some more walking.

At this point, all you’re going to see are the basic shops such as Zara, Rodilla and some Chinos. Oh, although there’s also a Taco Bell right there, and if you are like me and miss your dose of spicy food, definitely stop in to order patatas bravas. They flavor them well and if that’s not enough, you can always just steal a bunch of hot packets. Disclaimer: I don’t condone stealing…That’s just something people can do…

Soon after, we hit Glorieta de Bilbao. We have now left my crazy barrio, Arguelles, and entered the outskirts of Malasaña. This part of town is known for its fun nightlife and cheap restaurants. Feel free to wander, but make sure you keep track of where Fuencarral is, we’re on a mission here.

Welcome to the coolest store ever, Tiger.

This picture isn’t very telling of the types of products that they have there, but I liked the flamingos. Tiger has everything for every need and I haven’t seen any item for more than 10 euros. I bought very warm mittens there for 4 euro. Enjoy [:

Other highlights:


If you think you see boba, you’re correct. If you think you see something else, leave a comment. I’m curious.

So now, we hit the part of Fuencarral that is not disturbed by cars or motorcycles. Perhaps the occasional police vehicle, but at least it’s safe, right?

After a nice stroll through Malasaña, we’re going to enter the outskirts of Chueca, Madrid’s gay district. Many cool restaurants are in this area, but for most you’ll have to make a detour. Definitely veer off to visit El Tigre. Delicous tapas and a lively atmosphere. Also a great place to practice your Spanish!

Finally, while perusing the stores, make sure you check out Oomoumbo. It’s a candy store. An awesome candy store.

Annnd…..We’re at Gran Vía! (which is an adventure in its own right.)

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Future posts will delve into individual neighborhoods so stay tuned.

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One thought on “Calle de Fuencarral

  1. Paresh

    u have taco bell and froyo? jealous!

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