Para llevar?

Regardless of my opinion on food in this country, it’s a source of pride of Spaniards. Walking down the street, I challenge anyone to find more than a handful of people with cups of coffee in their hands. After grabbing a quick lunch last week before class, a friend of mine even asked me if she was allowed to carry her coke outside. Weird as this sounds, it’s a pretty valid question. It just doesn’t happen. Although this might make eating and drinking a lengthier process (it’s not an easy feat to chug a hot beverage or scarf down a bag of chips) I enjoy the idea of appreciating food and giving it the time it deserves. As this blog progresses, and I promise my posts will eventually increase in frequency, you will start noticing a bias towards posts about food. Food is amazing. The satisfaction that one can feel after eating a good meal beats almost all other warm-fuzzy-happy moments. Except perhaps a hot shower. Well, anyways. Bottom line: This aspect of Spanish culture has started to grow on me. No longer do I anxiously sit in a cafe or restaurant trying my hardest to make eye contact with someone who can get me my bill. No, I eat my food at a relaxed pace and it’s lovely.

I could chalk this up to be just another aspect of the “relaxed atmosphere” idea that I brought up in my last post, but I don’t think that’s it. People in Madrid always look like they are on-the-go, but when you step into a cafe, all that changes. The norm is to dine-in and those that want to take their food out must specify. Perhaps if the Starbucks’ in America did this, we wouldn’t see so many paper cups go to waste? Maybe people would get spilled on less too. Clean clothes and saving the environment! I think this idea could be a winner.

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