Tribute to my stomach

Aceite, sal, jamón…and that’s just the beginning. Maybe it’s just restaurants because so far my trip has solely been restaurant and hotel food, but the excess oil and unnecessary salt makes eating a larger predicament than it has been in my life thus far. Suffering from a mild stomach ache for the past two days has put into perspective the good foods that usually make up my diet.

Foods I miss include (yes, this list is for you Mal.)

  1. Spinach – Even in the steamed form with salt! I’ll take spinach any way I can.
  2. Apples, bananas, peaches, raspberries, guavas…you get the idea.
  3. Vegetarian options. I know I am pescatarian, but when my only option is tuna for a week straight, it gets old.
  4. Fresh entrées with MODERATE amounts of salt and oil.

Hopefully my aching stomach will find some salvation with home cooked food. (Eager to meet my host family.) Until then, I’ll give you all a couple tips to eating good food here without getting sick. Always ask if there is meat, especially vegans. I ordered a veggie salad and they brought it out with eggs and tuna. So also probably ask if there is fish or egg in your meal. If you don’t like mayo like me then that’s another thing you should watch out for when ordering. I’ve received ice cream scoops worth of mayo in sandwiches that overpower both the small pieces of tomato and the one leaf of lettuce that they pass for a sufficient amount of veggies. They love their mayo here. Finally, to avoid the oil/salt, try asking for simple foods with dressings on the side. Although, this method is not foolproof because I have not quite mastered it yet either.

If you’ve been here, please give me tips in the comments section! I would love to learn of how others dealt with this issue.

I leave you with this picture, I think it’s both fitting and a little odd.

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One thought on “Tribute to my stomach

  1. Danielle Pelaez

    YOOOO. I loved when people were all “oh damn, how was the delicious Spanish food?” and all I could think about was how kind of sub-par it was. Although they put salt on everything, they don’t seem to like any other spices…my host mom didn’t even own pepper. I actually ended up buying a little bottle of Tabasco sauce and adding that to everything for flavor.
    And oh man, I remember when I saw a sign for a “vegetarian” sandwich…and it was tuna. It’s a hard place to be a vegan or even a vegetarian, and I became seriously starved for fruits and veggies. Try going to non-Spanish restaurants…there should be tons of Middle Eastern restaurants, with all the immigrants living in the area. Also, maybe just resign yourself to buying your own fruits and veggies because no one else did for me (damn you, host ma).
    Good luck! Weirdly enough, I could so go for a bocadillo right now…

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